The Great Kilted Run

May 26, 2010

This wasn’t the most consequential of events — it began with me giving a silver bowl to the race organizers and ended with them giving it back to me. But it had its moments.

Phil managed to finish the one-kilometer kids’ run, thanks to faithful pacing and encouragement from Mommy. He was pleased with the ribbon he received and didn’t seem to mind being trounced by the older kids.

In the 5K, Mommy and I each placed 1st. Mommy’s win was essentially uncontested, as she finished nearly two minutes ahead of the runner-up, a 13-year-old whom she coaches. My own triumph was less decisive. For the first two miles, I dueled with a pleasant young man named Tahoma Khalsa. As I finally edged ahead in the third mile, Brian Oster’s shout to me was instructive rather than celebratory: “You’ve got to go early, Greg; he’s faster than you!” In other words, he has a better finishing kick, so I needed to put some distance on him immediately. Which I did.

As for the bowl, it had been awarded to me at last year’s race, and now it was time to pass it on to the new champion . . . which turned out to be me. Next year, if I’m feeling really confident, maybe I’ll just leave it at home.


  1. But did you wear a kilt?!

  2. Indeed I did. I am now 2-0 lifetime with a kilt on.

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