Where are the beds?

June 14, 2010

As many Seattle-area runners know, the Seattle Running Company store at 911 East Pine Street on Capitol Hill was recently sold, and is now Fleet Feet Sports Seattle. Meanwhile, the store-affiliated Seattle Running Club lives on.

A pre-cross-country season club meeting was held last night at the home of club member Win Van Pelt and his wife Terri. I brought Phil while my wife stayed home to get some work done. Rather than telling Phil exactly what to expect at the event, I just told him that we were going to a party.

Upon arriving and taking stock of the situation, Phil seemed unimpressed. “This isn’t a party,” he opined. “These people are just eating and talking.”

I have no idea what was prompting him to set the bar so high. Doesn’t he realize that, for his parents, a wild night is defined as watching two episodes of Lost instead of one?

Eventually we finished eating, and then our low-key gathering consisted solely of talking. We put our chairs in a circle and, one by one, introduced ourselves.

I spoke for both myself and Phil, but once he saw that everyone else got a turn to say something, he wanted a chance as well. I eventually gave in, apologetically interrupted Win, and ceded the floor to Phil.

“OK, Phil, go ahead,” I said.

Phil climbed down off of my lap, ran over to club president Scott McCoubrey, and asked, “Where are the beds?” Then he ran back to me. End of speech.

I guess he figured that, if this were a real party, it would have a sleeping area where guests could recover after chugging, dancing, necking, and vomiting the night away.


  1. The question is: Why did he ask Scott where the beds are? Why not Win?Or does he know that Scott has an answer to every question?

  2. Good question, Uli! Your guess is as good as mine….

  3. I'm guessing you all were boring the hell out of him and he needed to sleep it off! That would have been me at his age.

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