Climbing Mount Affirmative

July 25, 2010

summit of Si

On Friday I hiked up Mount Si with a scientist visiting from Buenos Aires. She wondered about the name, noting that it translates as “Mount Yes” in Spanish. That’s not way that most of us think of it, since the mountain was named after early settler Josiah “Uncle Si” Merritt, but “Mount Yes” or “Mount Affirmative” does have a nice ring to it.

With six days to go until the White River 50, I’m climbing my own Mount Affirmative of sorts, trying to elevate my thoughts without summiting the peak of self-delusion. I’ve had some good signs that I’m ready to break the seven-hour barrier this year after failed attempts in 2005 (7:34 on a hot day), 2008 (7:07, including a three-minute detour), and 2009 (7:01:59). Three weeks ago, I completed a double Cougar Mountain workout (13.6 miles per lap) in 1:53:49/1:49:08, significantly faster than my 1:52:44/1:53:43 from May of 2008. Also, my weight is finally back under 160.

On the other hand, yesterday’s 2.8-mile time trial at Discovery Park went poorly (15:35), and my speaking/singing voice has been lower than usual this past week, as if I have a virus or something.

It’s nice to sound like an adult for a change, but by next weekend I hope to have regained the voice (as well as the racing-is-everything mentality) of an excited teenager.

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  1. I swear by Ricola (the dark brown ones) for such things. Good luck.

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