First week of pre-school

September 11, 2010

This past week was a transitional one for Phil, as he switched from daycare to pre-school.

There were at least a few signs that he’s off to a good start academically and socially. On Friday he came home counting in Spanish (well, from 1 to 6) and singing This Little Light of Mine (well, the first two lines). He also has made at least one friend, a kid named Paul. The only thing I know about Paul is that he has a sword, so I’m not sure whether Phil’s friendliness toward him is genuine or an act of self-preservation.

Either way, it’s good networking practice, right?

One comment

  1. speaking of good networking practice…is phil on facebook yet? i need to pad my friend list due to a competition with my mom. sounds like i might wanna add paul too for that matter.

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