Multitasking run amok?

September 18, 2010

Have you seen the new “Runaway Bride” video from RunnersWorld.com?

It provides a nice showcase for Oiselle, the Seattle-based women’s running apparel company led by fit, smart women with a sense of humor. But does anyone really need a “high-performance” bridal dress? Isn’t getting married while racing sort of like talking on a cell phone while driving?

At least nobody’s health is being endangered in this case — unless the sight of a fellow competitor in a sleek, elegant dress distracts other racers to the point of tripping and falling. To each her own, I suppose.


  1. To me, the most ridiculous part was the price. $1,800 for a tech fabric dress?? I got my actual dress for a fraction of that price and it had A LOT more material (though, I admit it wasn't sweat wicking material!).

  2. Pam: I think the price reflects the fact that a whole lot of work went into designing the thing from scratch. Certainly not a bargain, but maybe not too extravagant by American wedding standards?

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