Phil’s first official timed race

September 27, 2010

Cascade Striders Flying Feet Invitational

Mini-Bantam (6 & under) 800 m
1. Vinnie Mejia, Issaquah Gliders, 4:36
2. Cole Cruzat, Issaquah Gliders, 5:09
3. Graham Woodward, Issaquah Gliders, 5:20
4. Philip Crowther, Oiselle, 9:05

Phil finishing
Phil ambling across the finish line.

4th place
Phil with his 4th-place ribbon.


  1. His ambling form looks good, but his high-five needs work. 😉

  2. Wha-hoo!!! Nice job, Phil! The beginning of a rather large collection of ribbons and trophies would be my guess.SD

  3. If he inherited his dad's genes, he probably was not even warmed up by the time he crossed the finishing line.

  4. I'm thinking he may need to join the Gliders!

  5. Bob: That's funny — my wife is a coach of the Oiselle team!

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