The future of the Seattle Running Club, part 4

November 1, 2010

Dear club members,

The window for nominating people for positions on the club board is now closed. The final slate of nominations is as follows:
* President: Greg Crowther.
* Vice President: Win Van Pelt.
* Secretary: Julie Cassata.
* Treasurer: Peter and Michelle Kline.
* At Large: Francis Agboton, Marlene Farrell, John Guza, Mary Hanna, Phil Kochik, Scott McCoubrey, Eric Sach, Glen Weissman, Blair Williams.

At the October 19th club meeting, it was decided that we would have up to eight at-large positions on the board. As it turns out, we now have nine nominees for these eight positions. The current board members (president Scott McCoubrey, vice president Win Van Pelt, secretary Leslie McCoubrey, and treasurer John Wallace) have been advised of this matter and have agreed that, rather than having the nine people duke it out for the eight slots, we will simply welcome all of them to the board.

The next club meeting will be on Tuesday, November 9th at the Fleet Feet store (911 East Pine Street). An optional store run at 6 PM will be followed by the meeting at 7 PM and then an optional social hour and feeding frenzy at Piecora’s (1401 East Madison Street) at about 7:30. A tentative agenda for the meeting is as follows:
* Election of new board members
* Preliminary planning of frequency and format of future board meetings (e.g., can some meetings be held online to facilitate greater participation?)
* Brief discussion of club mission statement
* Brief discussion of what the club’s other immediate priorities should be

Since none of the seats on the board are being contested in this election, an electronic voting option now seems unnecessary and will not be offered.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 9th.


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