Someday I’ll have time to write a real blog entry…

February 9, 2011

… but in the meantime you’re stuck with this.


  1. So you're hitting the big time! wonder what the feedback will be–from teachers, from science students…. But what will taxpayers think of paying for this kind of work?? The report suggests that your songmaking ("Dr. Crowther's work") is paid for by NSF. In the meantime, hope this leads in a positive direction for you. My compliments to your research director for giving you the liberty to do this! Hope we can look forward to a follow-up about the fallout…

  2. Yes, I'm a bit concerned that people might misunderstand the funding situation. The truth is that the NSF grant secured by my collaborator, Wendy Silk of UC-Davis, is pretty small and supports websites like SingAboutScience.org and related activities, NOT my personal creation of science songs.

  3. Crowther!!! You are freaking awesome man! You are on to something there I tell ya. My 7 year old is rapping now!!good stuff

  4. that is awesome!!! I hope it catches on. Seriously though, no one is supposed to be good at sport, science, AND music! lol

  5. Can I download on iTunes?!?

  6. Congrats on the news highlight!

  7. ScottD: My songs aren't on iTunes, but you can download MP3s for free from http://www.science-groove.org/Now/ and from faculty.washington.edu/crowther/Misc/Songs/music.shtml.

  8. Well done Doogie!

  9. You're hitting the big time, as a educated man's Kanye.

  10. That grammatical error was a jab at rappers… or simply idiocy on my part.

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