And the SRC’s new slogan is . . .

March 14, 2011

At the Seattle Running Club’s December board meeting, I suggested that we hold a club-wise slogan contest. It seemed like an easy, fun way to continue contemplating and defining what we stand for as a club.

Three months later, I must report that the process was not as easy or as fun as anticipated. But at least it’s finally over!

Our initial solicitation of slogan ideas drew about 20 responses. At the January board meeting, we whittled those down to four finalists: “Climbing Mountains Together Since 2003,” “If It’s Rainin’, We’re Trainin’,” “Together We Can,” and “Running Redefined.”

A vote on the finalists revealed a deeply divided club. “If It’s Rainin’, We’re Trainin'” edged “Running Redefined” for the lead, but no slogan received a majority of votes. (My own offering, “Climbing Mountains Together Since 2003,” was generally rejected as making us sound like a bunch of hikers.) Various board members wanted to accept the outcome as is, hold a run-off between the top two, or scrap the process and start over with new choices. We eventually settled on holding a run-off election, the results of which were, no joke, an 18-18 tie! OK, board, now what? A majority of board members drew upon their wisdom to make the firm, final decision that . . . I, their president, should pick the winner. Having put this whole process in motion, it was up to me to put it to rest. I guess that’s fair.

Anyway, without further ado, I’m pleased to announce that the new slogan of the Seattle Running Club is: “Running Redefined.” While I like both of the leading choices, “Running Redefined” avoids the Seattle-is-rainy cliche and accurately summarizes my overall sense of the club. When I first joined the SRC many years ago, I was a fairly typical road marathoner. Since then I have discovered the joys of trail runs and ultramarathons while meeting a slew of interesting people, some of whom have been remarkably supportive of me. The SRC has indeed redefined running for me, and for many others as well, and now we have a slogan that reflects that. Congratulations to board member Phil Kochik for submitting the winning entry.


  1. So I guess "Festina lente" didn't make the cut?/inside joke

  2. Greg, I would've been happy to give you "Love hurts."

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