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June 26, 2011

As a small counterweight to the egotism and self-promotion that creep into my blogging, I’m giving the Crowther stamp of approval to some blogs other than this one.

Runner’s World Daily. This blog is written mostly by Mark Remy, who is the funniest running writer I’ve encountered on the web. Here’s a recent example of his work: When Racehorses Read ‘Born to Run.’

Oikos. This is an ecology journal with a new blog to which my friend Jeremy Fox is a primary contributor. Many of his posts are fairly ecology-specific, but some are remarks applicable to science in general.

Sing About Science & Math. Oops, here’s that self-promotion creeping in again; the SAS&M blog is written by me. After a year of doing it, though, I think it’s starting to get pretty good. Check out my series of interviews with science songsters, for example.

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