The Seattle Running Club: proud provider of local zombie bait

July 7, 2011

Being president of the Seattle Running Club comes with certain perks. Mostly, I get some really odd emails that make me laugh. I got one yesterday about an upcoming EMP exhibit called “Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film.” I was about to delete this, since it was obviously sent to the wrong address, when I read: “As part of the marketing campaign for this exhibit, I’m collaborating with photographer Michael Clinard on a series of photographs. One of the photographs involves a zombie and a group of runners…. We are in need of some fairly fit looking ‘runner extras’ of all age groups to be in the shoot.”

So, could the SRC supply some runners for a zombie to chase? Our vice president pointed out that this type of activity isn’t really covered by our mission statement, but I said that we could help anyway. I just can’t resist lending a hand to a struggling zombie.

After all, who is better positioned than long-distance runners to relate to the feeling of being dead, or undead? Sure, some zombies walk through walls while most runners simply hit them, but we’re all kindred spirits.

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