Yesterday’s excerpts from the improvised screenplay of my life

August 28, 2011

[Setting: We are next to a building at a beach and recreation area. The building includes bathrooms as well as a window for renting equipment.]
ME: Phil, I’m going to check whether you’re old enough to use the pedal boats.
PHIL: Why do the bathrooms know that?

[Setting: Phil has just spent a few days with my cousin Paul, who is in the navy. We are driving by a cemetery.]
PHIL: What’s that?
ME: That’s where people are buried after they die.
PHIL: Are any army guys buried there?
ME: Yes, probably.
PHIL: It’s good that Paul isn’t buried.


  1. I look forward to the day when my own little guy is old enough to say stuff like this!

  2. Back in the 60s a rumour went around that Paul McCartney had died, and a Beatles song was said to have a backwards message at the end saying “They buried Paul”.

    Has Phil been listening to old Beatles records–backwards? 😉

  3. I’m flattered that he was glad I’m not dead.

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