More confessions of a bad parent

September 21, 2011

Phil and I measure time in units of Gadgets. One Gadget is the duration of an episode of Inspector Gadget (22 minutes). Sample usage: “We’ll be back home in about an hour.” “How long is that?” “About three Gadgets.”

I’m ashamed that Phil watches enough Inspector Gadget to use it to calibrate the rest of his life, but I have no immediate plans to change this.


  1. This is actually really useful. Down the road, it will make it easy to teach him that choice of measurement units is arbitrary (well, except for fractal objects). Which means he’ll pick up mathematical tricks like nondimensionalization really easily! 😉

  2. Your not the only one that measures time by the length of TV shows… in our house it is “Blues Clues” episodes. So, soccer practice is only “2 blues clues” long.

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