The BB (Before Blogging) era

November 5, 2011

In going through my books and things recently, I’ve discovered a few old notebooks containing long-forgotten diary entries between 1999 and 2003. Overall, they’re quite dull, but a couple of the less tedious bits are presented below.

June 3, 2000 [shortly after arriving at an “Altitude Camp” for distance runners]: Just met another camper: _____ ______ from _______ _____. He had two questions for me: Did I drink? And what were my PRs? He was quick to reveal his own limitations as a runner and as a person; he admitted to drinking too much at times, being arrested twice, having his license suspended, and “having sex with promiscuous women.” He says that lifting weights is the only part of running he enjoys. He speculates that AIDS might be a government conspiracy. And on and on. “You sound like a coach’s nightmare,” I told him; he enthusiastically concurred. On our trip to the supermarket this evening, he (accidentally) broke a wine bottle and (intentionally) purchased chewing tobacco.

September 4, 2003: …I guess I’m going through a phase (perhaps a permanent one?) of feeling as though my regular paying job is not solving any of the world’s important problems and that I should be doing more — particularly to help people who are poor and in pain right now. There are political ways of trying to bring about change, but I’m uncertain as to whether we’ll ever elect a president who can give the “losers” of society the attention they deserve. Americans can be very self-centered and over-patriotic, and I fear that Bush’s emphasis on achieving US goals by bullying the rest of the world will continue to meet with approval by the average American. Is Dennis Kucinich electable? I fear not…. I saw the last two rounds of the JELD-WEN Tradition last weekend in person in Portland. Tom Watson squandered his four-stroke lead during the third round, then came back with an uneven but ultimately successful fourth round on Sunday. What a thrill to see my childhood hero playing well again! Only in a sport like golf is this really possible (further success after a 20-year slump). It was neat to be out on the course with the players; it really made me appreciate the manners of the game (e.g., the crowd cheers for everyone and groans whenever anyone misses a putt). Watson’s ALS-stricken caddy was there too, and it was good to see him doing what he loves while he is able.

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  1. Haha.. June 3rd, 2000 hmm I think I have this one narrowed down

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