Mixing it up

November 25, 2011

Once upon a time, my friend Tanya and I made each other mix tapes accompanied by lengthy commentaries on the rationale for our selections, the relevance of the songs to our lives, etc. I possibly took these exercises a bit too seriously — e.g., were my misguided attempts to make sense of R.E.M. lyrics really necessary? — but it was rewarding to move beyond passive listening into the realm of really sharing and discussing the music.

Eventually Tanya and I left our 20s behind and got busy with other things and stopped making tapes for each other. But I miss those days…. And so tonight after Phil fell asleep I finally made the Glee (Seasons 1 and 2) mix that I’d been thinking about for six months: (1) Leaving On A Jet Plane; (2) Don’t Stop Believin’; (3) Alone; (4) Sweet Caroline; (5) Defying Gravity; (6) I’ll Stand By You; (7) Don’t Stand So Close To Me / Young Girl; (8) (You’re) Having My Baby; (9) True Colors; (10) Smile; (11) You Can’t Always Get What You Want; (12) Borderline / Open Your Heart; (13) Dream On; (14) Safety Dance; (15) Dream A Little Dream; (16) Poker Face; (17) Stronger; (18) I Want To Hold Your Hand; (19) Teenage Dream; (20) Forget You; (21) Landslide; (22) Loser Like Me; (23) Never Going Back Again.

Now if I can just find some time to write the liner notes….

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