Running redefined

December 2, 2011

“Running redefined” is the slogan of the Seattle Running Club as a whole, but it applies especially well to me right now.

Since having surgery on my left heel in March, I haven’t really had the time or energy for rehab. As I belatedly get going again, my fitness is laughable and my expectations correspondingly modest.

Today’s workout, prescribed by my physical therapist, was as follows: 8-minute warmup of brisk walking; calf stretch; 8 x (2 minutes walking, 1 minute jogging); 5-minute warmdown of brisk walking; calf stretch; 10 minutes of icing. It thus included about a mile of actual running.

For the last several years prior to this one, my absolute minimum distance for a run — my “it’s not worth the hassle if I can’t go at least this far” distance — has been three miles.

Another way of summarizing the situation is that I did today’s workout in jeans, and didn’t feel particularly impeded.

It’s a start.

One comment

  1. It is a start. Don’t stop! I need to take my own advice.

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