End-of-year notes

December 30, 2011

1. I’ll be singing at UW’s Mini-Medical School on February 7!

2. Of all the things I meant to blog about this year, one of the most glaring omissions was my non-coverage of the United States men’s first-ever team gold medals at the IAU 100K World Championship in September. The American women took home silver. Belated congrats to all.

3. Below: the year in (selected) tweets.

@grmeyer Yes, it’s true – I am the preeminent science songs scholar among @williamscollege alums. Do they give Bicentennial Medals for that? [Feb. 9]

I’m not in the habit of following hashtags, but #sciencemusicals (Broadway shows retitled to be science-centric) was a lot of fun this week. [Mar. 25]

Saturday Night Hyperthermia #sciencemusicals [Mar. 25]

The Little Ichthyoid-Human Chimera #sciencemusicals [Mar. 25]

Annie Get Your Grant #sciencemusicals [Mar. 27]

Bring Down ‘Da Noise, Bring Up ‘Da Signal #sciencemusicals [Mar. 27]

101 Citations #sciencemusicals [Mar. 27]

Side-splittingly funny video from today’s @nwabr student #bioexpo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcpWJhKTQN4 [May 24]

Had to leave a 5-5 #Mariners game in the 8th inning because my 4.5-year-old son was bored. Apparently the bottom of the 8th was exciting. [June 5]

Cool t-shirt worn by Sonrisa customer at U. Village: “Avoid cliches like the plague.” [June 25]

@brianglanz Do people tell you you resemble Anderson Cooper but with much less gray/white hair? Am in Phoenix airport surrounded by CNN… [Aug. 31]

I’m now being followed by a scientist whose handle is “sh*tmyratsays.” LOL! [Oct. 10]

Today I met Stan Wentzel (@WilliamsCollege Class of ’74), who wrote the “Sleep Country USA” jingle — 20 years ago! [Nov. 12]

This AM my son hid my keys just as I was leaving. I hope my calm rxn gave him so little satisfaction that he’ll NEVER EVER DO THAT AGAIN. [Nov. 30]

My son just referred to jumping high with a “poke-poke stick.” Took me a second to realize he was talking about a pogo stick. [Dec. 6]

Now working on a song about HIV transmission — loosely based on Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way.” It’s more tasteful than it sounds. #Heathers [Dec. 18]

You know you’re a dad when you’re at a fantastically close basketball game (#Virginia 83, #Redhawks 77)…
…and all you can think about is how much the announcer reminds you of the guy who voices Skipper in “The Penguins of Madagascar.” [Dec. 21]

Just went kayaking in a SC lagoon populated with alligators. Probably good that my 5-year-old wasn’t with me. [Dec. 24]

Just met a guy who took accordion lessons from Gordon Lightfoot at a camp in upstate NY in the early ’60s. Yes, THE Gordon Lightfoot. [Dec. 26]

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