Selected tweets, Jan.-Feb. 2012

March 1, 2012

28 Feb: I’m at home, building a Lego police station with my sick son. It’s not much to look at but does have a sweet forensic science lab.

28 Feb: Best bumper sticker I’ve seen in a while: “Remember who you wanted to be.”

25 Feb: Today’s parenting milestone: my 5-year-old just paused a DVD to show me a detail on the frozen screen.

17 Feb: Saw a woman in a pink shirt and thought, “Pink really isn’t her color.” And then: “Wait — since when do I have opinions about such things?”

6 Feb: No Internet at home yesterday, so I cleaned the bathroom. If I can’t connect tonight, I may have to clean the fridge.

4 Feb: My son likes to play jail. He’s a brutal prison guard, but he does sing a nice lullaby: “Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep my bad guy.”

3 Feb: Last night was my 1st #ScienceMusic rehearsal in 6 years. It was at a place called Gravity Studios, where the wireless password is e=mc^2.

27 Jan: So who wears the pants in this family? Well, Phil wants a dinner of cheese pizza with a side of bacon, so that’s what we’re having…

18 Jan: Scientist 1: “What did Dr. X do to merit coauthorship on this paper?” Scientist 2: “He made the figures.” Me: “But they’re BAR GRAPHS!!!”

9 Jan: Sign #26 that I’m out of shape: running 7:40/mile pace yesterday took my heart rate up to 143. That’s ~30 bpm too high.

7 Jan: Music at QFC, 4am: Chicago (Cetera era) and Bonnie Raitt sound good to this congested insomniac. Paula Abdul, not so much.

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