@trappedinlab’s March tweets

March 31, 2012

28 Mar: Phil: “I’m the real Cody Orange!” Dad: “Prove it! What is your birthday?” Phil: “Um . . . October 40th?”

24 Mar: My 5-year-old is my fashion guru. Today’s advice: “If you don’t want people to notice your [dirty] pants, just smile!”

23 Mar: The SingAboutScience.org database now has YouTube metadata! This has been a recurring dream of mine, along with the Jennifer Garner one.

22 Mar: During lab cleanup yesterday, our lab manager found an old, full box of 200 pairs of NASCAR earplugs. Ka-chow!

19 Mar: Didn’t want to get up early, but I sensed that the world needed a “Leaving on a Jet Plane” parody about protein glycosylation, so … Done.

17 Mar: Just made another CD mix. Chris Isaak clashes a bit with Duran Duran, but it’s a pretty smooth ride otherwise.

16 Mar: Walked down the street to rent a DVD; met a guy who told me his life story (“…I’ve made guitars for Metallica…”). I should walk more.

13 Mar: I don’t care what anyone says about Wilson Phillips or “Hold On” (http://sgp.cm/565b77) — that song is super uplifting.

8 Mar: Yakima HoJo’s, 4am: Fitness center is closed, so night manager suggests a greenway along the Yakima River. Very pretty (though dark).

8 Mar: At Yakima HoJo’s. 2 timekeeping units in my room; neither is correct or off by 60 minutes. Has it been a while since someone stayed here?

2 Mar: My package of tortillas says, “New Design – Same Great Taste!” They are thin, flat & circular. I wonder what the old design was.

1 Mar: I now know 2 people who say “etc. etc. etc.”: the King in “The King and I,” and UW Medicine’s Associate Chair for Research, Conrad Liles.

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