Phil and Greg’s Excellent Adventure: the final chapter

June 13, 2012

In the last social stop of our road trip, we visited the McCoubreys in Ketchum, Idaho. Phil especially enjoyed playing Legos and a Lego Star Wars video game with 8-year-old Shaw. He also really liked the McCoubreys’ “log house.” I forgot to get a picture of the giant beams, but here are a few other pics.

Phil on the slack line
[Phil crossing the slack line with ski poles.]

Adams Gulch trail run
[Scott and me after a casual trail run at Adams Gulch.]

hot spring
[Phil at a hot spring (whose heat was overshadowed by the cold river water flowing above it).]

hot spring
[Wading into the not-so-hot spring.]

Scott and Shaw
[Scott and Shaw dry off and warm up.]

After the boys went to sleep, the adults watched Bridesmaids, which I liked for its dialogue and Wilson Phillips cameo, though the film was also more vulgar, and Kristen Wiig’s character less likeable, than I’d have preferred.

The drive from Ketchum back to Seattle was pretty smooth, thanks in part to navigational tips from my recently acquired smartphone (though it insisted on pronouncing “Ave B” in Boise as “Ah-Vay Bee”).

Phil said some memorable things along the way, such as, “I’m invincible! … What does ‘invincible’ mean?”

He also confirmed his fondness for my friends’ children.

“I like Trey, Zane, and Shaw a hundred and forty. That’s how much I like them,” he said.

“What’s the most you can like someone?” I asked, unsure of his scale.

“A hundred.”

I considered suggesting an alternative quantitation scheme, but thought better of it.

One comment

  1. What a great trip you and Phil had!

    Good job, by a good Dad.


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