Ethical tweeting

July 27, 2012

@smfullerton on the video’s strength: a realistic depiction of the many chances we have to speak up or stay silent, and the consequences.

OK, this “Reverend Lee said that my daughter is a hero” part IS a bit hoaky.

The villain of “The Lab,” who falsified data, is a postdoc named Greg Anderson. Same name as Barry Bonds’ sketchy trainer!

“… The little punks have always counted because, in the long run, the character of a country is the sum total of its little punks.”

Kim’s cousin, quoting Gary Cooper: “I know a lot of you are saying, ‘What can I do, I’m just a little punk. I don’t count.’ …”

Quote from grad student’s mom: “Why didn’t you go into law like your brother? He never has [ethical] problems like this!”

Video interlude: postdoc creates Johnny Cash / Wu Tang Clan mashup. Hilarious!

(I am texting my poll responses via http://PollEv.com , not via my phone.)

1st vote: Should Kim just sign the proofs, or tell Greg she needs to read them? “No, slapping him is not an option.”

American Idol-style polling on the seminar will begin soon!

When the Office of Research Integrity first came out w/ the video “The Lab,” @smfullerton thought, “Oh, how hoaky.” She likes it better now!

Research misconduct: “The big ‘duh’ of the BRI series,” says @smfullerton … Don’t lie, cheat, or steal! Yet not always black & white.

Seminar presenter/moderator: @smfullerton. Website for “The Lab” (cool interactive video): http://www.ori.dhhs.gov/thelab

Today’s UW Biomedical Research Integrity seminar: “Avoiding research misconduct: a virtual experience interactive learning simulation.”

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