My August tweets

August 31, 2012

30 Aug
@WilliamsCollege chemistry professor Chip Lovett is organizing the first-ever marathon in the country of Belize! http://runbelize.org

27 Aug
Me, reviewing my luggage: “…OK, the toiletries are packed…” My 5-year-old: “What are toilet trees?”

27 Aug
My girlfriend gets home from a long trip and immediately starts baking. I think it’s hard for her to be away from her oven for that long.

25 Aug
Saturday night in Seattle…. I’m reviewing Romanian grant proposals while sipping diet cola. (And you thought scientists never cut loose?!)

24 Aug
Lance Armstrong gives up fight against USADA, raising questions about his innocence – Yahoo! Sports http://sports.yahoo.com/news/lance-armstrong-gives-up-fight-against-usada–raising-questions-about-his-innocence-.html

19 Aug
Seattle bus stop #1530, 9:10pm. My 5-year-old is grilling some smokers about how their cigarette lighters work.

15 Aug
Phil keeps confusing HAWAI’I (home of his Aunt Chris) and IDAHO (our road-trip destination). I think it’s all the vowel sounds.

9 Aug
My 5-year-old son: “The tooth fairy gives you toys even if you’re bad …”
“…because she really wants your tooth, and if she got your tooth and you got nothing, it wouldn’t be fair.”

8 Aug
The frustratometer paper (nar.oxfordjournals.org/content/40/W1/W348.long) offers frustration indices and frustratographs. Can frustromics be far off?

8 Aug
Article title of the day: “Protein frustratometer: a tool to localize energetic frustration in protein molecules” (http://ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22645321)

6 Aug
I went to a time management workshop this morning. Apparently I should spend less time tweeting.

5 Aug
Today some of my friends did a 3-hour run; I took a 3-hour nap. Who’s to say which is better, really?

2 Aug
My 5-year-old: “Kids don’t like to watch runners run. All they do is run run run run run, and we watch watch watch watch watch.”


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  1. My favorites were Aug. 2 and 5.


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