@trappedinlab’s September 2012 tweets

September 30, 2012

27 Sep
My 5-year-old asked, what if an alligator climbed on the Fremont karate studio? Beats me. Maybe some students would switch to samurai class?

25 Sep
Having a 5-year-old son is the perfect excuse for renting “Herbie [the VW Bug] Goes to Monte Carlo.” Possibly the *only* excuse.

23 Sep
Heading to the park with my son, his soccer ball, his bike, 7 mini American flags, and a roll of duct tape. Your guess is as good as mine.

23 Sep
My 5-year-old: “Now put your body inside these [cardboard] boxes.” Me: “But I can’t fit.” Him: “Just be cweative … like Clutch Powers.”

20 Sep
What Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get About Responsibility http://bloom.bg/S63D4a via @BloombergView

19 Sep
Tonight in a restroom with a chalkboard: “We should write something,” says my 5-year-old son. “How about . . . TRANSPORTATION?”

17 Sep
Day 2 of running comeback. Cross-trained for 1 hour … and ate 2 grotesquely large donuts. 1 step forward, 2 steps back?

16 Sep
Running Comeback 2.0 (yes, you can call it a comeback) starts now. If all goes well, I’ll be kind of fit for 5K racing in about 6 months.

16 Sep
My comment on a manuscript: “‘Periplasmic’ is a single non-hyphenated word.” I wanted to write “nonhyphenated,” but it looked bad.

13 Sep
#Overheard in lab: “What’s that reagent for separating erythrocytes from Plasmodium cells?” “Saponin.” “Not much; ’s happenin’ with you?”

5 Sep
I say the plural of “consensus” should be “consenses.” Officemate says “consensi”; dictionary says “consensuses.” What a divisive word!

2 Sep
My 5-year-old’s go-to drink of the moment is a virgin whiskey sour (a.k.a. “special juice”). Where did this kid come from?

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