Twick-or-tweeting from October

November 1, 2012

28 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
My son: “Throw me in the [imaginary] river, Dad! You’re the 2nd-goodest ninja in the whole world, and if I die then you’ll be the goodest!”

28 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
My 6-year-old son, to another boy at the playground: “My dad is a *great* monster. He didn’t even need training!”

26 Oct funky49 – steve rush ‏@funky49
@trappedinlab Maybe it was Always trust your Cape… like Cape Canaveral? 🙂 #wishfulthinking

25 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
I just heard the country song that advises, “Always trust your cape.” Hmm. I think I’d rather trust the engineers who build planes.

23 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
I dreamt of my clothes-conscious 6-year-old son last night. He made a “pwesentation” to Nike reps and was negotiating a sponsorship deal.

19 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
Great chemistry magic show at @UnivPugetSound last night. It was even better than in 2002, and my 5-year-old was mesmerized!

10 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
“How was kindergarten today, Phil?” “We had Music and Art.” “Cool! What did you do?” “We did music in Music and art in Art.”

6 Oct Greg Crowther ‏@trappedinlab
Saturday morning with my son: wrapping each other in duct tape, followed by the game “Is this my hand or my dinosaur?”

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