Thinking scientifically

November 28, 2012

My son, who is 6, loves dog movies — especially one called The Retrievers. It’s a pretty unremarkable made-for-TV production, but I do like one scene in which the Lowry family wonders whether its recent canine acquisition, which it calls Pilot, is the “Holly” from a lost-dog poster.

Tom (the dad): “Holly. Come here — come on, Holly.” [The dog comes.]

Widdy (the son, 11 years old): “We tried that. It worked.”

Liz (the daughter, about 16): “Come here, Holly. [The dog comes.] Pilot, please don’t come when I call you that!”

Tom: “Well, it looks like it’s her….”

Widdy: “Cleo! Come here, Cleo! [The dog comes.] She’s just friendly. She’ll answer to anything!”

Way to insist on a proper control, Widdy!

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