Choc full o’ gratitude

February 9, 2013

As my 6-year-old son and I exited the Theo Chocolate shop, we discussed how to allocate the two truffles we had just obtained.

Phil, taking a typical stance of entitlement, said that they were his because he had asked for them. I claimed that they were mine because I had paid for them. Phil, unmoved, restated his position. I restated mine.

At this point, Phil became distracted by the absence of his Lego Clone Trooper’s helmet. We retraced our steps back to and around the shop, but didn’t see it. Finally, as we approached our car again, I spied the miniature white helmet in the grass and pointed it out to Phil.

“Thanks, Dad!” he said with enthusiasm as he scooped it up. Then, after a pause: “I guess you’ve earned the chocolate.”


  1. A friend of mine took 49er t shirts to her 3 grandsons before the Super Bowl. So, she asked them, who are you for, the Niners or the Ravens? The oldest two said, “the Niners.” The three year old responded, “I’m for the Raisins!”

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  2. What a sweet story!

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