Paces as acquaintances

June 11, 2013

If you’ve been a runner for long enough, you may eventually regard certain paces as old acquaintances, each with its own personality and role in your life. For example…

6-minute pace: Steady but unrelenting, you rarely make me uncomfortable (unless I really overstay my welcome), but you keep me honest.

5-minute pace: It’s hard to be with you for very long. I tire of you almost instantly. After our encounters, though, I feel like a better, stronger person.

8-minute pace: A gentle, soothing companion. When I’m weary, you’re there for me.

4:30 pace: You seem faintly familiar. Did we know each other in college?

One comment

  1. Good blog, Greg. By the way, I sent Scott and Katrien the Facebook post on the unprepared students workshop.


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