March-through-June tweets

July 1, 2013

28 Jun
Live performance of “Zombies Versus Trypanosomatids” at Seattle Parasitology Conference hosted by @SeattleBioMed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IId6sH2zcPM

25 Jun
7:15am, back yard, raining. It’s a who-looks-weirder contest between me (skimpy shorts) & the gal upstairs (old AC/DC t-shirt, not her own).

24 Jun
My son knows there’s no tooth fairy. Isn’t he too young for such disillusionment? He can’t even _pronounce_ “tooth fairy” properly.

22 Jun
Today is the @RunRocknRoll Half Marathon. My left thigh is still bruised from Thursday’s overzealous tambourine-playing at @SeattleBioMed…

20 Jun
Me: “Do you want to do any races this summer?” My 6-year-old: “Only if they have good prizes, like a stuffy or a trophy of an arctic fox.”

16 Jun
My 6-year-old son’s latest idea for a Christmas activity: building gingerbread army tanks. You heard it here first….

14 Jun
Phil’s kindergarten teacher on his future career: “Law. He will create a case for anything, and EFFECTIVELY uses/causes reasonable doubt!”

12 Jun
A colleague’s parent, running into a journal paywall: “What do you MEAN I’m not authorized to read her article? I’m her MOTHER!” #openaccess

11 Jun
In ’80s music terms, this game is Bruce Springsteen vs. Van Halen. 1st goal goes to The Boss!

11 Jun
1st time at CenturyLink Field (formerly Qwest Field & Seahawks Stadium) in 17+ years in Seattle! Here for @USSoccer vs. Panama.

5 Jun
Saw even more cool #BioExpo13 projects at last nite’s @NWABR dinner — e.g. a contra dance about DNA replication! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSxMeQVkFZQ

2 Jun
From @RollingStone: Hanson Launches ‘Mmmhops’ Beer; proceeds to be donated to Oklahoma tornado relief http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/hanson-launches-mmmhops-beer-20130528

24 May
Today I attended a workshop for faculty on why students come to class ill-prepared. 90% of us hadn’t read the assigned article. Hmm….

24 May
New song penned by my 6-year-old: “Little car going fast. Fast little car. Will you stop please? Will you stop? Zoom zoom zoom crash yay!”

22 May
…Just watched UW med students do an “Eleanor Rigby” parody about helminths (“Worms in all the people”) w/ live strings … FOR THE WIN!!!

22 May
Also at #BioExpo13 I enjoyed sampling the flu video game that students are developing in collaboration with @hcdeUW.

22 May
Also notable at #BioExpo13: Glacier Peak H.S. students’ cool protein models of hyaluronidase, fatty acid synthase, etc. made w/ 3D printer.

22 May
Today’s #BioExpo13 highlights for me included a hemophilia fountain sculpture. (It was more tasteful than you might imagine….)

22 May
I’m excited to be speaking at this morning’s Student Bio Expo in the @HUBatUW, hosted by @jchowning and @NWABR! http://studentbioexpo.org/

20 May
Next-Generation Science Standards (NGSS) according to @philiplbell: https://www.washington.edu/news/2013/05/20/new-k-12-science-standards-add-focus-on-practices-engineering-and-early-learning/

20 May
Had a great lunch at @farestart thanks to a gift card from @CoHoRealty … 2 groups that believe in doing good and eating well!

16 May
A coworker: “Yow! That hot water [from sink dispenser] really is HOT…. I guess that’s why they call it ‘hot water’…”

14 May
Fun crowdfunding week-in-review video from @ilearnthrumusic: http://vimeo.com/66025626. Nice shout-outs to me (5:05) & @katiebda (8:13)!

13 May
@philiplbell Thanks for a fun research group session today! Couldn’t help noticing that the phrase “writ large” is big with you all. 🙂

7 May
Time to finalize my Okazaki fragments sing-along for tomorrow night’s genetics song-fest at @univpugetsound.

6 May
@brianglanz I’m *always* happy to hear http://SingAboutScience.org referred to as an elixir. 🙂

30 Apr
My 6-year-old, summarizing Air Racers 3D: “There were these army pilots, & they stopped killing each other & had a race.” He recommends it.

28 Apr
1st long run in a long time. I’ve got that itch again. Not the itch to run long — the itch of a water bottle holder rubbing at the waist.

5 Apr
Amazing eloquence from NFL player @brendon310 re LGBT rights on @AC30. The “F word” is still ubiquitous in locker rooms, he says.

5 Apr
Me and @UW on @KING5AMNEWS for “Paws-On Science” weekend at @PacSci: http://www.king5.com/news/reporters/christie-johnson/UW-science-center-team-up-for-weekend-science-fair-201515001.html

23 Mar
My 6-year-old: “Why is that fire truck at that restaurant?” Me: “Maybe the hot wings got a little TOO hot!” Him: “Uh…what?” Me: [Sigh.]

20 Mar
I’m supporting “Battle Rap Histories of Epic Science” by Tom McFadden on @kickstarter! http://kck.st/10jSMY9

18 Mar
@digitalbio Just saw your “Cloning DNA” song/post. Very nice! Have you heard the Carl Winter parody of the same name? http://foodsafe.ucdavis.edu

14 Mar
#Overheard one cyclist yelling at another with exaggerated slowness. I couldn’t tell if he yelled “Thomas!!!” … or “Dumb-ass!!!”

6 Mar
My 6-year-old, on my song “Uli Uli” (for Steidl’s b-day, based on “Louie Louie”): “You rocked! You really did!” Why so incredulous, kid?

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