Vacation photos

August 18, 2013

Scenes from recent trips to Idaho and Oregon, as photographed by me, Leila, and Jimmy Knowles….

015_banjo_lesson McCall, Idaho: my dad gives Karen her first banjo lesson.

018_me_mom McCall: me and my mom.

Samick Bend, Oregon: I looked for famed ultramarathoner Kami Semick, but she had moved to Hong Kong, so this was as close as I got.

PK Bend: the Bolivian dish “pique a lo macho” (in progress), a favorite of Leila’s Peace Corps friends.

Kevin Bend: Kevin Tanksi, our charismatic, knowledgeable, and funny whitewater rafting guide.

Deschutes Bend: drenched but happy on the Deschutes River.

tree hugger Bend: a Willa Tree (on the trail to Blow Lake).

at Blow Lake Bend: at Blow Lake.

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