How to propose to a fellow nerd

January 11, 2014

1. Reserve a conference room at her workplace.

2. Surprise her with a PowerPoint presentation about your relationship.





3. Sing her an original love song full of allusions to data analysis.

4. Present a concluding slide.


5. Ask her to marry you.

6. Upon receiving the hoped-for answer, escort her out of the conference room and smile for the camera.

engaged at KRI


  1. So happy for you both! Thanks for sharing your proposal–clever and on the mark for a great match.

  2. Wonderful! Fantastic! And 5 other superlatives!
    PS. No 2 x 2 tables for the epidemiologists like me?

  3. How can one say no after a song like that??? Congratulations to you both!

  4. LZ is clearly a very lucky lady, though I wouldn’t have tried your approach on my (non-nerd) wife. Especially since I can’t sing. Congratulations!

  5. GC and LZ,

    What great news!!!!!

    I agree with commenter number 3. 🙂

    Have you set a date?

    • Thanks, everyone! Yes, Bob — June 19th. (Thursday is the new Saturday!)

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