A stand-up son

July 7, 2017

My 10-year-old son’s sense of humor intersects with mine somewhat sporadically, but his recent riff at the Golden Gardens beach was quite funny.

We were there with two of his friends, digging in the sand, getting ice cream, and looking for wildlife. At one point we walked past a building that Leila and I had considered renting for our wedding three years earlier. Phil remembered this, and he commented that we had been wise not to rent the building, due to the stray noises from the public beach that might have disrupted the ceremony. “It would have been like, ‘Do you take this BUHHHHH to be your BUHHHHH?'” he said, interjecting a sort of ferry-horn blast.

After I gave him a well-deserved cackle, he continued: “‘You may now BUHHHHH the BUHHHHH!'”

One comment

  1. I’m impressed that he remembers not only the building, but the words of the ceremony! Very clever remark, I agree.

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