June 5, 2019

So, on the one hand, life is great. My wife is great… The kids are great… I have a great job that allows me to pursue my passion of forever reinventing the wheel (where the wheel, in this case, is the undergraduate anatomy & physiology curriculum).

On the other hand, work has been all-consuming. I’ve been sleeping way too little and not exercising at all.

This morning, while running to catch the bus, I tripped and fell, scraping my left elbow and right knee, and ripping a giant hole in my pants.

Running used to be something that I did a lot of on a daily basis for fitness and for pleasure. Now, if I break into a run for 50 yards, I injure myself and destroy my clothing.

I’ve got to get back on track.


  1. You’re such a good runner that you should not ignore that part of your make-up. So this fall might be the sign you need to resume training. I bet that while running, you will devise new ways to re-invent the wheel. BTW, I tripped a few years ago and broke my arm, so count yourself lucky with a scrapped knee and torn pants.

  2. Trouble with getting back on track is you will going around and oval and never catch the bus. Keep chasing the bus! (BTW, that is what they call groups at Comrades Marathon going for certain times, like our pace groups). See you in a few miles…roy

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