Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for May 1999

May 10, 1999

The College Club
Downtown Seattle


Attendance was rather modest. Attendees included Greg Crowther (secretary), Mark Davies (club member), Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler (team manager), Dan Hayes (membership chair), Saul Kinderis (president), Brian Oster (events manager), Bill Roe (vice president), Martin Rudow (Northwest Runner editor), and Liz Stahl (treasurer).



Ever the consummate realist, treasurer Liz Stahl summarized Club’s financial situation as follows: “We don’t have any money.” This turned out to be a slight exaggeration; we currently have ~$570 in our checking account, ~$670 in our savings account, and ~$5250 in the form of a CD. In addition, we should be receiving a $1000 check from LifeCenter Northwest soon. Liz will look into securing overdraft protection for our checking account.


As usual, Martin Rudow had much to say. Among the highlights:

–The June issue will represent an all-time high in terms of pages of advertising sold. Subscription numbers remain disappointingly low, but over 300 potential new subscribers have been recruited via a direct mail campaign to area Runner’s World subscribers.

–The next issue of Northwest Runner features a Club column by Dan Hayes. Thornton “T.P.” Perry has agreed to write an article for the July issue, which Brian Oster takes to mean that he (Brian) will probably wind up having to write it.

Others present at the meeting chipped in with a variety of comments relating to the magazine. In terms of increasing readership, Brian reminded Martin that “Sex sells.” Additional suggestions: the magazine should consider advertising at ontherun.com; the magazine’s subscription renewal form should make it easier for subscribers to join Club Northwest.


Events manager Brian Oster reported that SportHill and Super Jock ‘N Jill have donated about $4000 worth of random apparel to Club and thus should be considered Club sponsors. The items of clothing can be offered as road race prizes, sold at the All Comers track meets, given to Club members, or disposed of in any other manner we deem appropriate.

The contract between Brian and Club Northwest is nearing completion. Still to be added to the final version of the contract are Exhibit A (a list of events in which Club is involved) and Exhibit B (an inventory of Club equipment). Brian’s interim agreement with Club expires on May 31.

Several Club-sponsored events are on the horizon, including:

1. All Comers Track & Field (Wednesday nights starting May 26, Edmonds District Stadium): A shoe sponsor will be announced soon. Brian will mail an All Comers flier to western Washington high school coaches in hopes of boosting youth participation this summer.

2. Seattle International Track Classic (Tuesday, June 15, Husky Stadium): No new news.

3. Firecracker 5000 (Saturday, July 3, 11:55 p.m., Seattle Center): According to Brian, “Everything has been finalized” with the exception of the artwork and changes to last year’s course. Shoe sponsorship is currently being arranged.


Team manager Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler updated the Board on several recent noteworthy performance by Club athletes:

–Jenn Tonkin placed 9th at the national 25K road race championships.

–Scott Boothby has thrown the hammer 219 feet and has qualified for track nationals. Lex Strom and Erik Probstfield are also near the qualifying standard in this event.

–Craig Dickson completed the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2:20, thus qualifying for next year’s Olympic Trials.

–Uli Steidl ran close to 29 minutes flat in a 10K at Stanford.

–Ray McLanahan was credited with 14:05 5K in Eugene thanks to some creative timing on the part of the local officials. (He actually ran about 14:15.)

In the “delinquent athletes” department, Chris Ledford still owes Hatz $15 for a USTAF card.


Speaking of Hatz, he has moved to 336 NE 56th St., Seattle WA 98105. His new phone number is (206) 729-7032. Also, board member Sally Bergesen can be reached via e-mail at dux5@aol.com during her period of maternity leave.


Membership chair Dan Hayes has generated a list of possible social activities for Club members to do as a group; he plans to assess the feasibility of these activities when the next Club newsletter comes out. Outing options include an injury prevention/yoga/stretching clinic, an orienteering clinic, a tour of the Brooks Sports plant, a trip to the Velodrome, and a screening of the Haile Gebresselasie movie Endurance (Martin’s idea).

Dan was recently contacted by the makers of GU, a gooey carbohydrate product designed to be ingested during and after workouts. The GU folks are interested in sponsoring Club and have been referred to Bill and Brian. A lively exchange regarding the spelling of the word “GU” capped the discussion of this topic.

The weekly schedule of Club Northwest group workouts now includes speedwork sessions on Saturday mornings. Interested runners are invited to meet at the Green Lake track at 9 a.m. All abilities and genders are welcome.

Dan continues to work with Howard of Messagewear on the preparation of a Club Northwest membership card.

The Club listserver subscriber list has doubled in the past two months and now includes 28 people.


Bill Roe was awarded the “Spirit of Bloomsday” award at this year’s Lilac Bloomsday road race. The award was presented by Bloomsday race organizer and lifetime Club member Don Kardong.

The Club website maintained by Rob Cook, http://www.cnw.org, is rumored to have won an award of some sort or another.


The Board will reconvene on Monday, June 14 at 7 p.m. at the College Club. Those who wish to eat dinner should arrive by 6:20.


1. Register Listing of checking account activity (Liz Stahl)

Irreverently submitted,
Greg Crowther
Club Northwest

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