Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for June 1999

June 14, 1999

The College Club
Downtown Seattle


“Is the 10K longer or shorter than a mile?”
–Clay Stenberg, on the baffling nuances of the metric system


With President Saul Kinderis stuck in traffic and Vice President Bill Roe out of town, Secretary Greg Crowther called the meeting to order. Board members Dan Hayes, Liz Stahl, and Clay Stenberg were on hand to experience Greg’s brief reign of terror, as were club members Mark Davies, Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler (team manager), Brian Oster, Martin Rudow (_Northwest Runner_ editor), and John Sweeney. Saul did show up eventually, at which time a quorum of Board members was achieved and the minutes of the previous meeting were approved.


Treasurer Liz Stahl distributed a report of recent checking account activity which showed our balance to be $1,686.41 as of June 10. This does not include the latest All-Comers deposit or the $2,800 check Liz received from Martin Rudow just minutes before the meeting began. The check will be used in part to pay Brian Oster for his continuing work as Club’s events manager. Brian has been serving as gatekeeper at the All-Comers meets, thus forcing people who attend the meet to actually pay the price of admission.

Liz also reported that, in order to get overdraft protection for our checking account, we would need to cough up a minimum of $500 to establish a line of credit. She therefore recommended that we not exercise this option.


Membership Chair Dan Hayes has recently mailed out about 30 Club t-shirts to Club members who renewed their membership. In addition to being attractive, the new high-visibility shirts allow wearers to “jaywalk with impunity,” Martin Rudow observed.

Dan distributed a proposal from Club member Bill Cusworth which invites Club to be a co-sponsor of the Cascade Orienteering Club’s second annual Adventure Run, tentatively scheduled for early to mid-November in St. Edward State Park. In brief, Cusworth proposes that Club Northwest provide volunteers, finish timing, course markings, food sponsors, and publicity. In return, Club would receive 50% of all profits (if any) earned by the event.

Dan also made public his desire to stage a track 10K race as part of an All-Comers meet this summer. The Board agreed to hold a 10K at the end of the July 21st meet, meaning that it will start at around 9:15 p.m. However, it will only take place if at least six people (male and/or female) are on hand to start the race with the intention of finishing it. Anyone interested in participating in this landmark event should call Dan at 206-633-4872.


Martin Rudow complained that many of his advertisers haven’t been paying their bills in a timely fashion. Among the offenders are former FootZone owner John Pickett, who owes Martin about $4,000, and 1972 Olympic champ Frank Shorter, whose running clothes company has yet to pay a $750 _Northwest Runner_ advertising bill dating back to the mid-1980s. Looking on the bright side, Martin noted that “last month a couple people actually paid,” allowing him to contribute a $2800 check to the Club coffers.

In response to a question about last year’s reader survey, Martin explained that he hasn’t reported the survey results yet because they’re really boring.

Saul stated that the financial health of Northwest Runner will be among the topics covered at the upcoming long-range planning meeting (see below). “You can only milk the cow so long before you have to feed it,” he explained.


Pending the approval of Bill Roe, a long-range planning meeting was tentatively scheduled for Sunday, July 11 from 2 to 7 p.m. at the Kinderis estate in Kenmore. I’ve never been to a long-range planning meeting before, so I’m not sure who is supposed to show up for it. Presumably, board members and other key personnel such as the team manager, events manager, and _Northwest Runner_ editor are expected to attend. The focus of this meeting will be the Club finances.


Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler, Club’s permanent interim team manager, said that Scott Boothby (hammer throw) is the only Club athlete to have qualified for outdoor track nationals thus far, although Brian Montomery (steeplechase) has until July to meet the British national qualifying standard. Nicole Hunt (10K) and Ray McLanahan (5K) have come within a few seconds of the qualifying marks in their respective events.

Hatz was asked whether anyone has contacted him about taking over for him as team manager. “No,” he replied. However, he noted that he has compiled a list of resources which would be helpful to his successor, assuming that a successor does eventually turn up. Saul suggested that a website that lists which Club athletes have been entered in which events at which meets might also make the team manager’s job a little easier.


Tim McGarry, Club’s bulldog lawyer, has been too busy to pursue legal action against the health club that goes by the name of “Club Northwest.”


Events manager Brian Oster reported on the following events:

1. The Seattle International Track Classic (June 15) will feature a pared-down schedule, with the high school mile races again being featured midway through the program. Apparently fired up by his success collecting money from All-Comers meet-goers, Brian has decided to charge admission to this meet as well.

2. The Firecracker 5000 (July 3-4) can’t finish in Memorial Stadium due to construction; instead, it will finish near the Seattle Center international fountain. The rest of the course will bear a striking resemblance to last year’s course. Saul said that he would bribe Eric Hrushka to be the volunteer coordinator for this race.

3. The Resolution Run (December 31) will be tied into the Millennium Project, a joint venture between Seattle Center, the City of Seattle, and corporations such as AT&T and US West. The Project people would like to hold the race downtown, although it may wind up at Seattle Center or Seward Park. It probably won’t be held at midnight.

After a few other odds ‘n ends were hashed out, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed.

‘Til next time….

Greg Crowther
Club Northwest


1. “Register Listing” of checking account activity (Liz Stahl)

2. Adventure Run proposal (Dan Hayes)

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