Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for July 1999

July 12, 1999

The College Club
Downtown Seattle


Attendees included Greg Crowther (secretary), Bill Cusworth (club member), Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler (team manager), Dan Hayes (membership chair), Saul Kinderis (president), Bill Roe (veep), Liz Stahl (treasurer), and Clay Stenberg (board member).


1. The June minutes contained a facetious but potentially ambiguous off-the-record comment by Brian Oster concerning the Club Northwest health club. A motion was passed to strike the quotation from the minutes. I apologize to Brian for exercising poor judgment in this matter and would like to assure him that, should he wind up in jail on account of my indiscretion, I will visit him regularly.

2. The word “resemblance” was misspelled. Liz Stahl suggested that the minutes be spell-checked to prevent similar calamities in the future. (See Appendix.)


Liz distributed a report of recent checking account activity; as of July 9, our balance was $4,196.19. She added that our $5000+ CD matures on or around August 18.

Bill Roe noted that the first seven All-Comers meets have led to $1894 in deposits. He explained that the profitability of this year’s series has been enhanced by the lack of expenditures on post-meet fun.


Among his other duties, Bill Roe is now the secretary of Pacific Northwest Track & Field (PNTF), our region’s chapter of USA Track & Field (USATF). In this capacity, he is considering printing the PNTF _Update_ as an insert to _Northwest Runner_ three to four times per year. Additional copies of the _Update_ would be sent to PNTF members who don’t subscribe to _Northwest Runner_. This scheme could potentially benefit the magazine (and thus Club) in that ads could be sold to go into the insert.

Bill also reported that he and others will be meeting in Newark later in the month to discuss the possible restructuring of USATF.


Membership chair Dan Hayes said that he was still recruiting people for the All-Comers 10K race on July 21 and that he will contact John Sweeney about putting together an electronic newsletter.


A beaming Liz Stahl accepted a $10,500 check from editor Martin Rudow, who attributed the income surplus to the magazine’s expansion into the narcotics distribution industry. No, he didn’t really say that — and neither did Brian Oster.

Martin is in the process of putting together a package for advertisers in which their races will be advertised in the magazine, on the web, and at road races where the Northwest Runner booth is present. On that topic, Clay Stenberg said that he might be able to man the booth at this weekend’s “Run of the Mill,” which Martin won’t be able to attend.


Events manager Brian Oster skipped the meeting, presumably to avoid being quoted in the July minutes. A preliminary review of the Firecracker 5000 revealed that Club turned a small profit on it and that 550 to 600 runners showed up.

Bill Cusworth was on hand to field questions concerning his proposal that Club Northwest co-sponsor the Cascade Orienteering Club’s second annual Adventure Run in St. Edward State Park. Bill described the race as “basically a cross-country course where shortcuts are allowed.” He said that the race would be about 8 to 10 kilometers in length and that Club Northwest would be asked to provide approximately ten volunteers. The weekend of November 13th and 14th was suggested as a good time to hold the race, assuming that there won’t be any mountain biking events in St. Edward that weekend. The additional suggestion was made that one of the physicians who compete in the All Comers series could be recruited to provide medical assistance at the Adventure Run. In light of the issues raised at the meeting, Bill will prepare a revised proposal to be voted upon next month.

Bill Roe projected that the All Comers track series would earn $3200 by the end of the summer. Accounting for the cost of renting Edmonds District Stadium ($1700) and other expenses, the series should still net a small profit. Bill said that the meets were going fairly smoothly in terms of logistics, although there hasn’t been as much as he had hoped for in the way of meet sponsorship.

President Kinderis led a discussion of what to do about events manager Brian Oster, since we cannot afford to continue paying him $1250 per month. The general consensus of the Board was that we should consider paying Brian a smaller monthly stipend (say $500) plus a large percentage of all net revenue from events (say 50%). According to Saul, Brian understands our situation and is willing to reconsider our current arrangement.

Bill Roe distributed a worksheet which gave an example of how Club’s yearly revenues and expenditures might be restructured. Included among the proposed expenses were part-time wages for a team manager and a membership manager.

Bill also distributed a brochure about the Northwest Relays, a track meet tentatively scheduled for April 7-9 of next year at Edmonds District Stadium. He asked Board members to look over the brochure and give him feedback on it. Hatz questioned whether Edmonds was an adequate facility for the meet, given that it lacks a javelin runaway, a steeplechase water jump, and a curb. Bill responded that it would be prohibitively expensive to rent Husky Stadium or the West Seattle stadium.

With regard to the Terry Fox Run, we need to find out whether Four Seasons will be hiring Club to help manage the event again this year. Brian Oster probably knows.


In was agreed by consensus that, from now on, team members who work at a Club Northwest event will be awarded two volunteer points, and those who play a major role at an event (for example, the volunteer coordinator) may be credited with additional points. Working at a non-Club event will still generally be worth one point. Athletes can now also earn points by manning the _Northwest Runner_ booth at road races; they will earn an additional point for every 10 subscriptions sold. We should make sure that the booth is stocked with Club Northwest materials as well as Northwest Runner stuff.


The next Board meeting will take place on Monday, August 9 at 7 p.m. at the College Club in downtown Seattle. Come if you dare.

Greg Crowther Secretary Club Northwest


1. Register Listing of checking account activity (Liz Stahl)
2. Proposed restructuring of financial agreements (Bill Roe)
3. Northwest Relays brochure (Bill Roe)


No, this doesn’t really belong in the minutes, but I found it amusing anyway. As suggested, I spell-checked these minutes; Microsoft Word 5.1a identified the words listed below as misspelled and offered the suggestions noted after each word. (Some of them would make good nicknames….)

Hatz: hates, hertz
Hayes: hades, hates, hayseed, hazes
Kinderis: cinders, kidnaps
Oster: austere, ester, otter, ouster, oyster
PNTF: panty, pint, pinto, pontiff, punt
Rudow: radon, ruddy, rude, ruder
Saul: skull, soul
Sweeney: swine, swingy

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