Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for August 1999

August 9, 1999

The College Club, Downtown Seattle


The August lineup included Greg Crowther (secretary), Saul Kinderis (president), Thornton “T.P.” Perry (board member), Bill Roe (vice president), Martin Rudow (_Northwest Runner_ editor), and Liz Stahl (treasurer). According to unsubstantiated rumor, Brian Oster was detained at a regional correctional facility at the time of the meeting and thus could not attend. If you don’t get this joke, consult the July minutes. If you get it but think it’s inappropriate, feel free to chew me out via e-mail (crowther@u.washington.edu).


There were none. They were approved as written.


Liz’s monthly handout showed our checking account balance to be $12,236.77 as of August 9th. That will increase by $3344 once the new check from Martin is cashed. We now have $662.85 in our savings account.

A motion was passed to roll over our six-month $5K+ CD, which is scheduled to mature on August 19. No action was taken concerning the Club’s boyish secretary, who is scheduled to mature gradually over the next few years.

The financial report was approved.


Bill Roe announced that the annual PNTF cross country championship meet will be held on November 7th. The USATF regional meet will be November 20th at Blue Lake Park. In a discussion of whether the weather at Blue Lake this year could top the inhospitable conditions of previous years, Martin Rudow suggested, “How about an ice storm? That would be fun….”


Though unable to attend the meeting, Dan Hayes sent an e-mail message to the Board saying that it had been a quiet month and that he was now holding Saturday morning workouts at Discovery Park.


Editor Martin Rudow noted that Greg Crowther and Rob Cook have improved the magazine’s website (www.runningnetwork.com/NWRunner) to the point where it is “no longer an embarrassment.” Martin hopes that a beefed-up site featuring downloadable entry forms will generate additional advertising revenue, as his distribution of race brochures at road races has done. He added that it would be great to have Club team members man the Northwest Runner road race booth once in a while. T.P. said that he would do this a couple times during the fall.


All Comers: we currently pay the Lynnwood Key Club $1000 to be our hurdle crew for the summer, which Bill thinks is too much. He also thinks we can make the All Comers meets more profitable by selling sponsorships for $300 per meet. Bill’s suggested pitch to potential advertisers is something along the lines of, “For $300, you too could have your name attached to an All Comers meet.” T.P., enticed by Bill’s crafty marketing campaign, immediately agreed to sponsor a meet next year. T.P. would like the meet to be called “The Lost Planet Runners Memorial Invitational,” although the word “invitational” may run counter to the traditional all comers (i.e. no invitation needed) format.

Terry Fox: The Four Seasons Hotel has unceremoniously dumped Club as its race management consultant, according to Bill.

PNTF cross country: Bill will talk to Tom Cotner about how the meet is shaping up. He will also talk to Hatz about which fall meets should be used to select Club’s cross country nationals team. The PNTF meet and regional championship in Portland will likely be two of the three selection meets, while the Western Washington Invitational or B.C. Championships could be tapped as the third.

Adventure Run in St. Edward Park: Bill Cusworth was attending the world orienteering championships in Scotland, so no new action was taken on his proposal.

Northwest Relays: people aren’t ready to talk about this yet, said Bill Roe.


Team manager Steve “Hatz” Hatzenbeler was not at the meeting. Bill said that a timeline for hiring a permanent team manager needs to be established and that, in the meantime, we should try to talk Hatz into staying on as the team manager at least through the end of cross country season.


Saul reported that Club’s contract with event manager Brian Oster is nearing completion. The essence of it is that we will pay Brian $500 per month plus half of all net revenue. We have paid Brian through the end of April and thus owe him for May and June, assuming that he keeps the Firecracker profits as his July income.

Bill wants to update and revise our bylaws. He may distribute them via e-mail in order to expedite the revision process.


The next Board meeting will take place on Monday, September 13th at 7 p.m. at the College Club in downtown Seattle. Be there or … be somewhere else.

Greg Crowther
Club Northwest


1. Register Listing of checking account activity (Liz Stahl)

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