Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for December 1998

December 13, 1999

The College Club
Downtown Seattle


Secretary Greg Crowther was on time this month and thus resumed his usual note-taking duties. He was joined by club member Bill Cusworth, team manager Steve “Hatzenberger” Hatzenbeler, president Saul Kinderis, events manager Brian Oster, board member Thornton “T.P.” Perry, _Northwest Runner_ editor Martin Rudow, and treasurer Liz Stahl. Not present were board members Sally Bergesen (on maturnity leave), Bill Roe (vacationing in New Zealand), Dan Hayes (vacationing in Cyprus and/or Iowa), and Clay Stenberg (vacationing in Bellevue).

Given these absences, a quorum of the Board was not present, so no official Club business was conducted during the meeting. No minutes were approved, motions made, contracts signed, or innings played. We’ll try again at the next Board meeting, scheduled for January 10. At any rate, here is an account of what _did_ happen….


“Oh, $&*@! Is that this month?”
–Resolution Run race director Brian Oster, on the Resolution Run

“How do you take out an insurance policy on a bunch of old, ruddy cones, anyway?”
–Oster, questioning whether Pro-Motion Events should have insurance for the Club equipment it uses

“I did _try_ to use it….”
–Martin Rudow, on his difficulty operating the easel lent to him by Brian Oster at the Seattle Marathon expo

“I write my best friends last, when I’m really toasted.”
–T.P., on his annual holiday tradition of opening a bottle of wine and writing cards to friends while drinking the wine

“It seems foolish sometimes to say, ‘Hey masters, come to my room for a team meeting.'”
–Steve Hatzenbeler, on managing athletes who are (in some cases) twice his age

“He fired the gun, and about four people took off in a different direction. I was like, ‘Where are _those_ guys going?'”
–Hatzenbeler, on the go-your-own-way start of the Adventure Run


Events manager Brian Oster gave the Board his feedback on the latest draft of the contract between his company (Pro-Motion Events) and Club Northwest. President Saul Kinderis jotted down the suggested changes.

Brian reminded the Board that the Resolution Run is still scheduled for “high noon” on December 31 at Magnuson Park. He asked Club to provide 10 to 20 volunteers. Saul won’t be one of them, as he will be biking around the U.S. at the time of the race. However, according to T.P., Mark Williams may come up from San Francisco to help with the announcing chores.


Martin Rudow, attending the meeting as a fugitive of his family’s Christmas tree decorating party, reported that it had been “a typical month” for _Northwest Runner_. He wrote Club a check for $2300 and also passed on a $250 donation from Laurel James. T.P. said he would write Laurel an ethanol-induced thank-you note (see above). Additionally, T.P. and Brian promised/threatened to spend New Year’s Eve writing an article for a future issue of the magazine.

Martin and Greg are still looking for someone to help out with the Northwest Runner website (www.runningnetwork.com/NWRunner). Brian said that Chuck Bartlett might be able to provide some assistance.


Hatz gave the Board a thorough report on the cross country team’s recent trip to nationals. His overall comments were that the team received a lot of support out on the course from Saul, Bill Roe, Mike Scott, and others, and that the team members had fun and got along really well and in some cases raced really well, too. He thanked the Board and Club Northwest for their support of the trip.

The senior women finished 5th out of 14 teams and were led by Nicole Hunt (21st place), Mindy Leffler (31st), and Kathleen Harri (50th). The senior men placed 7th of 16 squads and were paced by Craig Dickson (6th) and Jon Murray (34th). The masters men did not score as a team but received strong performances from Richard O’Brien (1st, 50-and-over) and Michael Allison (4th, 45-and-over).

Hatz said that several team members had expressed interest in attending the world cross country trials races to be held in February in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Board agreed that Club members competing in these races would be reimbursed according to how well they placed; for example, anyone finishing in the top 25 might be reimbursed for half of their expenses, while finishing in the top 15 might entitle you to full reimbursment.

Mark Davies gave the new Seattle Sports Physical Therapy contract to Hatz, who gave it to Saul, who signed it. SSPT wants to do more in the way of community outreach this year and may provide PT services at some Club events, though not as a replacement for medical staff.


According to Liz’s report, we had $664.52 in our savings account as of September 30, plus $10,243.52 currently in checking and $5,493.43 in the form of a CD. These totals do not reflect Martin’s latest check or the $750 check Liz wrote to Hatz at the meeting.


Bill Cusworth distributed an Adventure Run accounting sheet showing net profits from the event to be $552, of which Club Northwest will receive 50%. Bill said that the need to stop at various checkpoints along the course led to some confusion and some blatant cheating among the 100 or so participants but that, in the end, Dan Hayes scored a convincing victory.


Devoted readers of these minutes may recall that, as of last April’s Board meeting, Patty O’Doyle had yet to receive a prize for winning the costume division of the 1997 Firecracker 5000. On Monday, longtime club member Dean Ingram provided the Board with an update: Patty _still_ hasn’t received her prize but hasn’t given up yet. Brian said that he would get Patty’s address and mail her an old t-shirt or something.


Barring a millennial meltdown, the next Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Monday, January 10th at the College Club. All are welcome.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Crowther
Club Northwest


1. Register Listing of checking account activity (Liz Stahl)

2. Adventure Run ’99 Accounting Sheet (Bill Cusworth)

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