Minutes of Club Northwest’s board meeting for January 2000

January 10, 2000

The College Club
Downtown Seattle


The first board meeting of ’00 was attended by Tom Cotner (masters liaison), Greg Crowther (secretary), Saul Kinderis (president), Brian Oster (events manager), Elizabeth Stahl (treasurer), and Clay Stenberg (board member). Hatz was at a guitar lesson, Dan Hayes was in Iowa, T.P. was teaching a class, Bill Roe was in New Zealand, Martin’s plane was late, etc. etc. etc. Since only four of eight board members were in attendance, a quorum of the board was not present and no official club business was conducted.


“When I looked at the results, all I saw was a bunch of ‘unattached’ women.”
–Tom Cotner, on dating options at the fall cross country meet in Long Beach

“Matt Messner made the A standard . . . because of ME!”
–Liz Stahl, on her role as the “pace bike” at the December ’98 Always Running Marathon


Clay debriefed Liz and Greg on his recent luck playing the stock market. After three months, he’s up about $1500 on an initial investment of $4K.

Tom Cotner gave Liz a disappointingly small check for PNTF entry fees owed to Club.


Saul reported that the contract negotiations with events manager Brian Oster, now entering their twentieth month, are almost complete. Once the contract is finalized, it will be approved in an e-mail vote as described in the November minutes.

Brian said that the books aren’t closed on the Reso Run yet because he needs to mail out some more t-shirts. He said that there were about 400 finishers in the 5K and that Club would make an estimated $800-1000 on the event. He added that participant feedback on the event was generally positive, although a couple people did not like having to wait until 12:20 to run the 5K. (The 2K started at noon.)


The next board meeting will be our Annual Meeting, at which a field of yet-to-be-declared dark-horse, third-party, and write-in candidates will vie for the honor and privilege of serving on the Club Northwest Board of Directors. The meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the College Club (5th & Madison, downtown Seattle) on Monday, February 14th. This turns out to be Valentine’s Day, but the meeting will be held anyway so as to give several otherwise uncommitted board members something to do on that evening. We hope you can make it, too; all club members and guests are welcome.

Respectfully submitted,
Greg Crowther
Club Northwest

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