Too much information

May 22, 2006

For anyone with a few hours to kill and an insatiable curiosity about my weekly mileages and races since the ’80s, here’s a spreadsheet summarizing my entire running career. Note the separate tabs at the bottom: intro, races, key workouts, etc. I plan to update this file every month or so.

For those whose curiosity is rather satiable in this context, tune in tomorrow for the short version.


  1. Welcome Greg! It'll be easier to track the competition now :)I know, not much of a competition since I've been ducking you for the past two years.Hey I'm moving to west Lake Union in a month so it should be easier to get together for some good running. I still have your number so I'll call you once I make the move and the school year winds down.

  2. Thanks, James — sounds good! Do give me a call. For anyone else who is reading this: James and I raced against each other 21 times between 1993 and 2001 at distances ranging from 3K to 10K, with James winning 12 of those encounters. Not exactly Coe-vs.-Ovett, but a pretty good rivalry nonetheless.

  3. Greg,I'll keep the post-what-should-be-an-e-mail theme going, and let you know that you messed up a couple letters of the cryptic. Also, your name came up in conversation on Sunday. I was running with this guy who used to live there in the Pacific Northwest, and he says, "You know who would be someone to talk to about physiology for your articles? A guy I used to run with, Greg Crowther."Yes, Dan Franek now lives in my neighborhood. Now there's someone who could keep an interesting blog.

  4. I just wanted to tell you how much my son, Aaron, is enjoying your Excel spreadsheet of race times. He's in 6th grade, loves to run, and loves to time himself. Right now, he's converting his various 1/4 mile and 100 yard times to see how he compares to your 6th grade times. (He can't get over your PRs given that you've never run sub-60 seconds for 400 meters…)He also loves math & science, so is enjoying reading other parts of your site, as well.Thanks for the great blog – I'm a frequent visitor.Sarah Spelt

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