I resemble all of these people

May 23, 2006

Some biographical info on the guy who’s writing this blog [last edited in September, 2011]….

Academic version: Greg Crowther received his B.A. in Biology from Williams College in 1995 and his Ph.D. in Physiology & Biophysics from the University of Washington in 2002. He is currently a research scientist in the Department of Medicine at the University of Washington. His research focuses on the biochemistry of proteins from pathogens that cause “neglected diseases” such as malaria.

Family version: Greg grew up in Rutland, Vermont, where his parents (Jack and Sue) still live. He has one younger sister, Lauren, who resides in New York City; aunts and uncles in Duluth (MN), Houston, Kenosha (WI), Lyme (CT), and NYC; and cousins in Virginia and Ohio.

Political version: As a liberal Democrat, Greg holds fairly predictable opinions regarding the invasion of Iraq, same-sex marriage, the teaching of evolution in public schools, abortion, the death penalty, etc. He thinks that these issues are important but does not have much to add to what is being written about them elsewhere.

Self-absorbed athletic version, suggesting misplaced priorities: After modest success at Rutland High School (9:35 for 3000m), Greg flourished under the guidance of coach Pete Farwell at Williams College, where as a senior he captained the cross-country squad to the 1994 NCAA Division III team championship. More recently, he has recorded top-three finishes at the Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver Marathons and was a member of the 2005, 2007, and 2008 United States 100K World Cup teams. His personal records (PRs) are 30:57 for 10K, 2:22:32 for the marathon, and 6:52:52 for 100K, which are pretty good considering that he’s never broken 60 seconds for 400m.


  1. welcome to running-blogs! we have a great community around here and it is always fun to meet new runners. i liked the short version above, but i am excited to check out the excel version.congrats on the 2:23 marathon.

  2. I welcome you as well! I'm excited to read about the training and other exploits of such an elite athlete as yourself!

  3. Your aunt Prudence is my best friend, and I adored your grandparents (your father and Pru's parents). I guess you were pretty young when they died, which is a pity because they were well worth knowing as adults. I very much look forward to reading your blog. See, you even have old runner readers.

  4. Hi Greg,I'm sure the readers of your blog will want to know much more about you, such as:1. Why your nickname in college was "Doogie" (you may need to post a picture or two to explain this)2. Who the "Slow Boys" are and why you are one (despite the admirably fast PRs listed in your latest entry).

  5. Sure, why not.1. I've always looked young for my age; the nickname of "Doogie" was based on my supposed resemblence to Neil Patrick Harris, who starred as the child-prodigy physician in the TV show "Doogie Howser, M.D." My college friends still call me Doogie, and I suspect that Neil has similar issues.2. This is hard to explain to outsiders, but, basically, the "Slow Boys" were (are?) a subset of the Williams cross-country team. Membership was contingent upon having a lack of footspeed, a tendency to get injured and/or drunk frequently, an inability to attract women, and/or other loser-like attributes. I was pretty much a model Slow Boy during my first year and a half of college, except for the drinking part. Then I got faster, although my female-repelling powers remained strong.

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