It’s time for our quadrennial vacation

July 3, 2006

Before Liz and I got married, we solicited marital advice from various friends and family members. Aside from my dad’s immortal directive to “Be truthful but don’t overdo it,” one of the best suggestions came from our friend Rob, who said, “Take one vacation every year that’s just for the two of you.”

I suppose we got off to a good start by taking a honeymoon. But that was nearly four years ago; since then we haven’t had a single getaway that didn’t involve a race, wedding, or family gathering…. So here we are now in Ocean Shores, Washington, determined to engage in some long-overdue vacationing. The wind and clouds have limited our time on the beach thus far, but that’s just a temporary setback. We’re going to get out there and relax even if it makes us miserable!

In terms of lodging, we’re camping rather than staying in a hotel. I’m not a big fan of communing with nature or paring life back to its essentials, but I am a fan of saving money, and it’s hard to beat the $16-per-night rate of the Yesterdays RV Park. (A side question that has already occupied far too much of my time: should “Yesterdays” be spelled with an apostrophe? I think it can be argued either way.) We don’t have a lot of activities planned — a little mini-golf here, a few fireworks there — but I may run twice a day just for fun. Vacations are for doing what you enjoy, right?

Today’s workout took place at North Beach High School, conveniently located less than a mile from our tent. There are pictures of winged feet everywhere at this place, including some on the baseball dugouts, which made me wonder what kind of exalted status the NBHS track team might have. It turns out that the students here are collectively known as the Hyaks, hyak being a Chinook word meaning fast or swift. The home of the Hyaks would thus seem like an ideal setting for a track workout, and I did have a reasonably hyakish outing, completing 2 x 3200m in 9:58 and 9:57 with only a 400m jog in between.

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