July 4, 2006

Our vacation isn’t over, but our stay in Ocean Shores is. We lasted all of about 32 hours there.

We were walking along the beach yesterday, trying to keep our dog Lucy away from the omnipresent horse feces, when we decided that we had had enough. Enough of keeping Lucy penned up in the rear of the car…. Enough of sleeping on the ground…. Enough of preparing meals without a sink or countertop…. Enough of waiting in lines for showers of unpredictable water pressure and temperature…. Enough of listening to our fellow tourists set off firecrackers all day and all night long, as if part of some pyrotechnic endurance contest. Enough!

Having admitted our abject wimpiness, we packed up the tent and drove back to Seattle, stopping off in Olympia for a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant whose mood music consisted entirely of Stevie Wonder songs. Then we rented and watched Brokeback Mountain.

That’s right: instead of actually camping, we watched a movie about camping. It was a horizon-broadening experience, though.

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