Late-night buzz

July 15, 2006

We were getting ready for bed last night when a fly entered our bedroom. I grabbed a magazine and waited for it to land while Lucy made several amusing but ineffectual attempts to catch it in her mouth. Liz threw her support behind the dog: “Get it, Lucy, get it!” Suddenly the buzzing stopped. At Lucy’s feet lay the now-motionless fly.

I was shocked, impressed, and delighted. Who knew that owning a dog could have such practical benefits?

We celebrated Lucy’s kill by giving her a biscuit, and then we all slept very soundly.


  1. I thought at first your wife's name is Lucy.

  2. Do you loan this amazing animal out? After getting to bed 30 minutes later than planned while alternately crouching in wait and snapping a bath towel in vain at a stubborn mosquito in our bathroom last night I'm willing to try anything.

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