Baby steps toward adulthood

March 6, 2007

A few months ago, Liz asked, “You haven’t really given anything up since Phil was born, have you?”

Well, yes — of course I had. Like, um…. I was spending less time with friends, less time in the lab, and less time sleeping. In truth, though, these changes did not amount to a major reallocation of my time. Aside from taking my first clumsy steps into the realm of fatherhood, I was still trying to cram a maximum of personal fulfillment into every day, like a kid during summer vacation.

Given the difficulty of simultaneously being a dad and being a kid, some concession to the first role seemed inevitable. But which delightful hobby could I abandon without lasting regret? After some thought, I realized that I could and should cut back on my duties as webmaster of various small websites.

So long, seattlerunningcompany.com; I’m severing our links. Sorry, pntf.org; we just don’t click anymore. Good luck, cohorealty.com; someone else will soon be the master of your domain.

Cutting back on the website work hasn’t freed up a huge number of hours per month, but it’s a step in the right direction. In February, I finally found the time to complete a few tasks that had been on my to-do list for two months or longer, like sending out Christmas postcards, updating my science song database, and recording a demo of a song I wrote for my friend Do on his 40th birthday (he’s now 41). This catching-up process was also aided by my aunt Carolyn, who treated Liz and Phil to a mini-vacation in Friday Harbor while I stayed behind in Seattle and had the house to myself for three days.

There are many more steps toward full-fledged adulthood that I could take — such as sanding and painting the exterior of our house, for example. But I don’t think I’m mature enough to find the fun in that just yet.

One comment

  1. Greg — We'll miss your pntf website management, but thanks for recruiting your replacement. — Bob

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