My 15 inches of fame

March 10, 2007

Column inches, that is; there’s a profile of me in the March issue of Ultrarunning magazine. Curious about which three historical figures I’d invite to dinner, or which three runners I’d want on my run-across-the-country relay team? Then be sure to pick up a copy at your local ultra-long-distance-freak specialty store. There’s a lot of good year-in-review stuff in this issue as well, including the magazine’s “Runner of the Year” and “Performance of the Year” voting results, which look pretty reasonable to me overall, considering the difficulty of comparing flat 50Ks with mountainous 100-milers and so forth.


  1. Looks like your best bet to be Ultra Runner of the Year is to be named Ann(e) 🙂

  2. Greg, I *did* see your very wittily response-filled profile. You are becoming quasi-famous. Even my TAX ACCOUNTANT mentioned you to me: "do you know that guy who won some long race down in Texas and was in the Seattle Times?" Good job on that other long race out East. On another note, I'm sorry to hear the SRC will no longer have you at the webpage helm: I liked your writeups among other things. See you around the Emerald City!

  3. Hi Greg,My name is Adam Jacobs and I am the Editor-in-Chief of TheFinalSprint.comI enjoy your blog and would like to speak with you about some writing opportunities. If you are interested, feel free to give me a call and/or send me an email and let me know when you are available and the best number to reach you at.Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.Take care,Adam–Adam JacobsEditor-in-ChiefThe Final Sprint, LLC344 Grove Street – Suite 15Jersey City, NJ 07302www.thefinalsprint.comadam@thefinalsprint.comDirect: (908) – 692 – 9127Fax: (201) – 332 – 4484

  4. Congrats on your recent success and notoriety! I am finally catching up on my blog reading. By the way I heard a rumor you might try Western States this year?! This is probably just bad gossip, right?

  5. Adam Gaston: There is some truth to the gossip, but I didn't send in my Western States entry form within two weeks of qualifying at Sunmart, so I'll have to re-qualify (by placing in the top three) at the Miwok 100K.

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