My quest for overexposure marches on

May 14, 2007

Scott Dunlap, keeper of the popular “A Trail Runner’s Blog,” has posted his interview of me. This is just the latest installment in Scott’s large collection of conversations with notable ultrarunners, including Seattle-area residents Krissy Moehl, Brian Morrison, and Van Phan.


  1. Excellent interview, Greg – by a guy with a great blog of a guy with a great blog!Continued success with your running, your racing, and your work, and continued enjoyment of the time spent with your family. Exciting times for you all!Sarah

  2. Great interview and insight into your running and balance of life. You're a man who wears many hats!WynnManhttp://wynndavis.blogspot.com

  3. Nice interview.I was laughing about the part when you and Scott were all, "No, your blog is good." "Uh uh, your blog is good."

  4. great interview! a good read.

  5. Great Interview Greg, Congrats on your Ultra Success!!

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