News about other people

May 24, 2007

In an effort to seem slightly less self-absorbed, I offer the following news items from the world at large.

(1) Uli Steidl will compete at the IAAF World Track & Field Championships in Osaka. I believe he’ll be the first Seattle-area distance runner in a World T & F or Olympic event since Jen (Tonkin) Arthur ran the marathon in Edmonton in 2001. Before that, we go back to Brad Barquist in the 10K in Athens (1997) and Atlanta (1996).

(2) Scott Dunlap interviews Lon Freeman. Lon is the guy who crushed me and everyone else at the Miwok 100K earlier this month, causing many people (including me) to speculate that he may win Western States as well. The interview could be considered a testament to the value of cross-training; Lon’s weekly mileage is “only” 50-80, but a typical week also includes 2-3 hours of swimming, 8-12 hours of cycling, an hour of “core building sessions,” and two days of indoor rock climbing. Crazy!

(3) Rival plumbing companies battle for rights to famous phone number. I’ve heard the radio ads for Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, and they’re ingenious: “Benny, the punctual plumber/ Gotta get Benny on the line/ 866, that’s our prefix/ Then 867-5309….” You know the tune, right?

(4) Eckert wins Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award at Carthage College. Good show, Uncle! Not only has he written his own organic chemistry textbook, but he teaches using the Socratic Method. This annoys some of his students — especially the “Just tell me the answer!” types — but, you know, it’s good for them in the long run. You can hear more about his teaching philosophy in this radio interview.

Phil reads the news

Have I missed anything important, Phil?


  1. I know you said runners, but don't forget that a couple of Seattle racewalkers have been USATF Team members in the last few years.Allen James' mom runs (ran?) Super Jock & Jill and Herm Nelson is a hometown boy, as well. Below are links to their bios. (Mine is in there somewhere, too)www.racewalk.com/Profiles/ajames.aspwww.racewalk.com/Profiles/hnelson.asp

  2. Love the pic of Phil! Don't tell me he is already tackling the crosswords… ;-)SD

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