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December 29, 2007

I’ve been tagged by Peter Lubbers in a year-end round of “blog tag” for trail runners.

I’m not necessarily a fan of these reindeer games, nor do I consider myself a true-blue trail runner. But who am I to rebuff a nice guy like Peter?

1. Most memorable moment on the trails… The end of the Miwok 100K. A mix of pride and awe. It felt great to rally so strongly in the closing miles and record the #4 time in race history — and also humbling to finish over 20 minutes behind a guy I had never heard of. Upon being introduced to him (Lon Freeman) and told of his time (8:09), words failed me … so I just gave him a big hug. I’m NOT the “hugging type,” but that 8:09 really shook me up.

2. Best new trail I discovered in 2007… The Chief Sealth Trail in southeast Seattle, which opened in May. Its smooth paved surface is perfect for runs with the baby jogger!

3. My best performance of the year was… The Bridle Trails 50K in January. I felt strong from beginning to end, stayed on my feet during the dark evening laps, and broke my own course record by over 20 minutes. The new record isn’t Steidl-proof, but it’s darn good.

4. I do not know how I previously survived without… My online calendar. Oh, wait, is this about running gear? I wouldn’t describe any new acquisitions as indispensable, but I did start using gaiters to keep pebbles and dirt out of my shoes, and I also switched to PowerGels, which I find tastier than other gels.

5. The person I would most like to meet on a trail in 2008… Hmm, tough one. Rising ultramarathon stars Anton Krupicka or Kyle and Erik Skaggs? Prolific blog commentator Corrado Giambalvo? Fellow ultra-blogger Paul DeWitt, whom I met briefly in 1999, before either of us was an ultramarathoner or a blogger? Good choices all.

6. The race I am most excited/scared about in 2008 is… While I haven’t yet committed to any upcoming events, I hope to compete in a 12-hour race (where the goal is to run as far as possible in a 12-hour period) sometime soon. I’d like to see how close I can come to the American record of 98 miles, set by Rae Clark in 1989. If my schedule permits, I’d also like to run fast at the next Mad City 100K to atone for this year’s poor performance there.

Who’s next? Justin? Kendra? Matt? I hope at least one of you would like to play along.


  1. Hi Greg,Happy New Year and all the best in 2008. 98 miles in 12 hours sounds pretty amazing. Is that on a track?Thanks for sharing and all the best with meeting your 2008 goals.Peter

  2. Hi Greg,I didn't know about the Chief Sealth trail. I'll have to check it out sometime in January. Looks pretty cool.BTW, you are the 15th fastest 100k runner in the world for 2007 (18th fastest time).As of right now I'm not planning on running Bridle Trail, so your record should be safe.Happy new year!!!!

  3. Peter: 98 miles is the road record. The track record, set by Bernd Heinrich in 1984, is 95.7 miles.

  4. Happy New Year Prof. Crowther! To you and the family.Your pbc (prolific blog commentator) definition made me chuckle quite a bit…because like most authentic (and rare) observational scientists, of course, you are right!I suppose I should have my own blog, so you and others could comment on it if you got the unstoppable urge. Eventually I may get around to it… I think, somewhere in the back of my mind, I am working on a title and content… if it should be about running or soul-and-self-searching, solo or with others, about constructive reverse phylogenesis or a new endorphine distillation – collection – refining – sharing cycle…but on the latter and word-linkage, elementary recursion sends me back to this pbc issue…and looking forward to reading more of your blog…As far as local ultra-trails go, here's a couple of Italian options for you… And if you decide to show up I publicly declare that I will come and shout "Vai Greg VAI!" as you blaze past… Heck I might even ask permission to trail behind along in your dust for a few kilometers…Take care, corrado.http://www.ultramaratonadeglietruschi.it/home.asphttp://www.100kmdelpassatore.it/

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