2007: running the numbers

December 31, 2007

  2007 Lifetime
Races (all distances) 10 325
Race victories 4 63
DNFs 1 2
Marathon races 0 7
Ultramarathon races 7 15
Mileage 3,105 40,179
High weekly mileage 97 (Feb. 12-18) 97
Low weekly mileage 5 (Sept. 10-16) 0
High monthly mileage 315 (Jan.) 330 (Nov. ’06)
Low monthly mileage 163 (Nov.) 0



  1. Wow, this certainly is a dearth of information! Dare I ask how you've kept track of all of this? I thought I kept fairly good track of my running, but it pales in comparison to this.Also, "lifetime" would mean more if we knew when you started running (or at least when you "decided" you were a runner).BTW, 63 victories is darn impressive! I'll be excited when I get 10 (if all-comers meets count, then I'm over 10, but I tend to be the only woman at many of them, so I'm not so sure that truly counts as a "win"…).Happy New Year!

  2. Trisha: Perhaps "dearth" means the opposite of what you think it means? The lifetime totals include races since 1983 and mileage since 1988. I've kept a series of traditional pencil-and-paper running logs over the years, but I also summarize the most interesting info in an Excel file:http://www.running-blogs.com/crowther/Running2Excel.xls

  3. Greg,this is interesting info. And similar to Trish, I'm impressed with how well you've kept track of all this info.I have no idea how many races I ran, how many I won, or my lifetime milage.I estimate that in my 18 years of running I ran may be 30 races a year on average, so about 500 – 550 races.Last year I has 17 races with 11 wins, unfortunately not when it counted (Boston, Osaka)Milage: I'd say at least 50000 in 18 years. Last year I got 4650, but that was a little more than the years before.The numbers above also explain (at least in my mind) why you haven't reached your goal of world domination yet. 25 of my weeks last year had a higher milage than your lifetime best. If you can run that fast on that little milage, I think world domination is still within reach. You just need to sacrifice a little bit. Like your career as a professor. Or quit being a good father and good husband and go out and run!Just kidding! At least about the sacrificing. But seriously, I think if you could put together a 3 months block of 110 – 120 miles / week, I think you can run around 6:30 for the 100k – and that would put you at least in medal contention at the world cup, if not more.Of course I don't know if you have the time to do this with your many obligations.In any case, good luck at the 6 hour race!

  4. Um yeah. I always mix up "dearth" with another word which I, of course, cannot come up with at the moment. So now I feel semi-stupid, but oh well…I'll get over it. đŸ™‚

  5. Trish,Don't worry, there are a plethora of words that I can't come up with at the right time too. LOLBob

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