Phil goes mobile

January 12, 2008

Since Liz and I are both runners, people periodically ask us if Phil is training for a marathon yet (har har har). My tongue-in-check answer is, “Yes, but he’s ramping up his mileage very slowly so as to avoid overtraining, which can be particularly devastating when it strikes children under the age of five.”

Below is a one-minute video of his progress so far. Note the key role of L’s mobile phone in motivating Phil to test his physical limits.

While we’re on the subject of Phil, here are a couple of other recent photos: one of him having a conversation (conducted entirely in scat) with his cousin Jane, and one of him acting cute all by himself.

Phil and Jane

Phil in repose


  1. Thank you Greg and Liz for the great video and pictures. It is great to be kept up to date on his progress.I'm guessing Phil's first marathon is a few years away :-).It sounds like he's saying real words now.

  2. "Note the key role of my wife's mobile phone in motivating Phil to test his physical limits."… and the phone's …

  3. So cute. How do you get any running done? It would be hard to tear myself away!

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